What we're doing Isn't working for Sexual Harassment

We must move beyond common & ineffective responses.

Often, programs that sexual misconduct don't make a significant impact.

Reactive Training?

Training often comes in response to incidents. Besides having already failed to prevent sexual harassment, these trainings have a reputation (and evidence based record) of being boring, unhelpful and ineffective.

Proactive Workplace Sexual Harassment Training?

Even proactive traditional training in workplaces which aim at teaching folks to not engage in sexual misconduct is often too little and too late in life and has not been shown to be effective. 

Potential Victims at the Center of Prevention?

Discussing what survivors could have or should have done differently may be well intentioned but is ineffective AND missing the point! Survivors are never responsible! 

The majority of prevention programs aimed at teens and young adults especially often focus on decreasing your risk. These programs are generally found to be ineffective because they fail to address the realities of sexual misconduct.

Increased Reporting by Survivors?

A common line is that survivors should be reporting at greater rates so. that perpetrators can be punished at greater rates. This does not serve as effective prevention in a workplace, home or on the street. Legal restrictions and actions are often unavailable options and even in cases of reported sexual misconduct, perpetrators are often unpunished.

For already illegal acts:  it is at the discretion of the survivor to determine how they will act and their actions should not be judged. And, considering the deeply flawed criminal justice system, survivors often do not trust legal routes.

For acts that are not now illegal: Legal routes are not an option without first further criminalizing behavior - which presents new problems. Statistically, we know that enforcement of penalties is uneven and that this could highly probably perpetuate existing oppression.

What we've been doing is not enough because it fails to create sustained real change.

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