Inspire To Act Against Sexual Harassment

We Hope to Bring Positive Change by...

1. We will shine a light on the role of Bystanders.

We often think of sexual misconduct as involving two parties: the perpetrators and the survivor. But, we are missing the third party involved: bystanders.

We hope to shine light on the role of bystanders as well as to Empower, Embolden, Activate, Mobilize and Equip Bystanders so that they feel able to intervene on behalf of, or act in solidarity with targeted groups and people. 

2. We will work with our local community.

We aim to work with our local community members, including students, leaders, organizers, workers, moms, daughters, sisters, non-binary and male community members.  

We want to make the needs of the community central to the conference to ensure that there are real, tangible benefits to our local community from Stand UP! 

We strive to make sexual harassment education and training more accesible to local community members and small local businesses. 

We also want to push our conference to be as inclusive as possible. Often these kinds of resources are made available to people who already have access to them. We would like to see diverse involvement to ensure that the community's diverse needs are met.

We have high hopes for StandUP!


Recognizing that sexual misconduct is an issue in our own communities and that we need to take ownership to move toward solutions.


Teaching our community  about Real Effective Ways to Fight back at sexual misconduct


Helping to build the connections to realize action against sexual misconduct, for Future Social Justice work and to recognize that we all have allies in our communities


Using data provided by, or generated at the conference, participants can produce new research including contributing to a White Paper on the conference.  

Education Tools

Using the information and resources available, participants can help spread awareness and educate their communities. For example, the conference could provide workshops dedicated to the creation of education tools including websites, zines, apps & community education series.


A common product of  "Hackathon" events is apps! Though we won't have a traditional hackathon, we would love to have different coding workshops for creating apps! 

Continued Effort

With Pop Up Events BEFORE and AFTER the Conference, we Hope to build a SUSTAINED Effort and a MOVEMENT around Bystander intervention in Sexual misconduct that can help bring Cultural Change

A New Model

We would also like to contribute a new model of conference which serves to benefit the Local community & which strives to be actively rather than passicely inclusive by reaching out to and enabling a diverse group of participants

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