Open to the Public Learning Sessions: Open Learn

Open Learn: Growing as a Community through Equitable Access and Education

Each of the following Open Learn sessions will be offered as many times as possible during the summer.

To reserve your seat for a specific event, you may RSVP.  However, RSVPing is NOT NECESSARY to attend the Open Learn Sessions. They will be open to the public.

If you have additional Open Learn suggestions, shoot us a message!

Cultural Change Means Community

Discuss as a Community

Discussion on Sexual Harassment in the community and in Boston industries including academia and the hospitality & service industry.

Learn to Act Together

Complete Bystander Intervention Training for individuals  to learn how to be an active bystander in sexual misconduct and small businesses to supplement their sexual misconduct policies with efficient staff training.

Safety Together and Apart

As individuals and as a part of the community, feeling confident in our voice and body helps keep us safe. We hope to offer both a verbal self defense class and a movement oriented class to feel empowered in your body to help us move through our daily lives safely. 

- Verbal Self Defense Training

- Empowered Movement Training

(Information on physical self defense classes will be available but cannot be taught in the time available to us.)

A complete schedule with exact times will be available soon on Our Conference page.

A list of organizations who will be leading and individuals who will be participating in the Open Learn will be available soon on Our People page.

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