June 15 & 16 Workshops: Inspiring Bystanders to Act



The #IamRemarkable initiative by Google empowers women and underrepresented groups to speak openly about their accomplishments and improve their self promotion skills.  

Machine Learning for #MeToo

Learn to use machine learning tools to harness the wealth of Twitter information.

Restorative Practices in Sexual Misconduct

Using Google trends to track spatiotemporal patterns associated with the #MeToo movement

With MIT’s Maimuna (Maia) Majumder

Assertiveness and Boundary Setting

Many people find that the ability to set and maintain boundaries greatly enhances their sense of safety. This intro version is an all verbal course teaches students skills for effective communication and negotiation in stressful situations.

Know Your Rights

What legal options do you have in the face of sexual harassment in the classroom, in the office and on the streets?

For Facilitators and Potential Facilitators

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